Mezcal History

Mezcal History

Mezcal has been produced in Mexico for more than 300 years.

It was the first distillate that was produced in an ancestral way, which before being a drink our ancestors used it medicinally, not yet discovering its correct distillation due to its high alcohol content, it was used to heal wounds, remove pain from injuries later from battles or long walks when they emigrated and it was even used as anesthesia by drinking it so as not to feel pain due to some illness or disease, what really happened is that they were drunk, but they still did not know it.


Some time later they discovered a way to distill mezcal, this was done in clay containers, its distillation was very slow but effective, so slow that it took on the flavor of clay and that made it somewhat pleasant to drink. This is how ancestral mezcal was born, it is called that since it was the first way of distilling that our ancestors discovered, and in honor of them it is called ancestral mezcal. It was not until the Spaniards arrived in Mexico that they taught us (unintentionally) how to distill mezcal, since they distilled their alcoholic beverages (brandy) in large copper stills, and of course if you could distill brandy, then you could also distill the mezcal. This is how artisan mezcal was born.


At present the process has been transformed, it is also distilled in stainless steel stills, its process is still artisan but its flavors change a lot.


Mezcal was the first distillate discovered, over time in other regions they produced mezcal and changed the process somewhat and with it they changed the name, raicilla, sotol, bacanora, lechuguilla, and even tequila, yes, tequila is a mezcal! All distillate from the agave (maguey) is mezcal.