There are different types of mezcal, industrial, young artisan, ancestral, assemblages, breast, rested and even añejo.

The industrial ones, which are produced by the big tequila houses of Mexico, are cooked in large stainless steel kettles, ground by mechanical ripping machines, fermented in large steel containers and distilled in stills of the same material.


Young artisan, which are produced in smaller quantities and in a 100% artisanal way as its name says, cooking in a pre-Hispanic oven, which is a hole made in the earth and using firewood and volcanic or river stone to cook the agave, which in turn is covered by earth for days to achieve the perfect cooking, ground with an ax by hand or by a large stone wheel that is dragged by a horse, fermented in wooden vats and with double distillation in a copper alembic or stainless steel and is taken directly to the bottle just after its double distillation.


Ancestral, which has the same production process as the artisan, but its distillation is in clay pot stills.


Assemblies, same artisan process, but this time blending 2 or even 3 different types of agave.


Breast, same artisan process but when distilling it, different types of animal meat, turkey breast, pig’s head, rabbit, and sometimes even cow skin are added to the stills.


Reposados, same artisanal process but in this case they have been resting from 1 to 11 months, which can be in wooden barrels or in glass containers so that their flavor does not change.


Añejo, same process but in this case it rests in barrels or in glass for 12 months onwards, the time is decided by each person testing its flavor.


Ashen agave, with the scientific name “Durangensis” goes through 3 stages of maturation before being cut.


The 1st stage is called “agave” and ranges from 2 to 5 years.

The 2nd stage is called “young agave” and ranges from 5 to 8 years old.

And the 3rd stage that occurs from 8 years on, reaching its final maturity of between 10 and 12 years where it is called “old agave” then it is ready for cutting and production.


A young mezcal made with old agave, with great body, incredible aromas and textures that make even the most educated palates in Mexico and around the world shudder.